Sunday, September 23, 2012

See you soon then?

do you remember watching the sunset together? in your roof deck we sit and let time pass. yes we got time.
do you recall sitting by the bay at the middle of the night? watching ships pass us by. almost blinded by the beauty of lights. we dreamed endlessly.
do you remember us singing along to music? trying to find their lyrics. I have a terrible voice but singing with you makes such a good sound. we sing and sing.
do you recall climbing up a hill to see the beauty of the world? we sit for a while then breathe in the wonders of the earth. I really liked the view from there and wishing to be with you again when i stepped on those hills.

how i missed the moments you are beside me, doing nothing just enjoying the company of each other. I'm tired of everyone here, all i need is to be with you again. I miss you so much it hurts. Years apart, months together, how bad can it be? Despite all this I'm so sure we'll be together again and i'm willing to give up everything just to see you. If only we can leave this world and stay far from here. No problems, just the two of us living beside the beach in a small house. We will listen to the waves, breathe in the morning breeze, feel the sprinkle of water in our faces and feel so alive. Maybe we will have a dog with us, and soon a baby of our own. Darling it is so worth the wait. We have time. Yes we have time. Just endure the times we're apart. Study hard. Love your parents unconditionally. Love your siblings. You can hang out with your friends if you want. Enjoy your life baby. Even we're apart you know my love is always on your side.

I've been hurt so many times but you take it all for me and yes, I've lost my faith in my darkest days but you made me believe in love. I'm so happy to be with you babe. You're so patient, and mature enough to control my boastful me. I honestly think that you're the only one, beside my mother, who can do that. Every time i tripped you put me on my feet. Every time we fight, you waited patiently. I missed you beside me D. I want you to be here. I need you.

Happy Monthsary baby. I love you so much. You must know that. I'll wait for you.

See you soon then? :)


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  1. Sweet!! :-)